Demi Lovato victim of sexual assault

It is during a documentary in her honor broadcast on February 17 that Demi Lovato revealed that she was raped as a teenager and later sexually assaulted.

Obviously, we do not know much about the life of our favorite stars. This is what we learn from the documentary of the American singer Demi Lovato broadcasted during the South by Southwest festival last 16th. Through this film entitled "Dancing with the devil", the singer came back on the most important moments of her career but also of her life.

Her overdose

It is without taboo and without filter that the singer recalled the difficult moments of his career, including his overdose in 2018 during his documentary. On July 24, 2018, Demi Lovato almost lost her life. And for cause, a mixture of drugs that should have led to her death according to her revelations. Heroin with fentanyl, a painkiller a hundred times more powerful than morphine, is what led the American star to the emergency room returned addicted to drugs and alcohol after 6 years of sobriety. Even if she was able to get out of it, this event is not the only one that marked the life of the singer.

Victim of sexual assault

Indeed, still in her documentary, Demi Lovato of her real name Demetria Devonne Lovato confides that she was raped when she was a teenager. At that time member of the Disney group, she reveals without specifying the identity of her rapist that she would have subsequently rubbed shoulders with daily, having lost her virginity during a rape. A few years later, it is the night of her overdose that she was again victim of sexual aggressions, this time on behalf of her dealer. She explains that when she woke up in the hospital, she answered yes to the question of whether she had had consensual sex. It was only a few weeks later that she realized that she was not able to make decisions, let alone consensual ones, during that horrible evening.

Now, with her unreleased songs, the singer tells the story of her recovery.

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