Art galleries, a new attraction in the city of Paris?

The city of Paris is known for its legendary Eiffel Tower and its bridge of love where many couples will materialize their love by hanging a padlock and simply throwing the key into the river. A symbolic way to seal their love. Recently, it is something else that attracts more and more visitors to Paris.

Art galleries

Indeed, it's the art galleries that are all the rage right now. Some of them exhibit unusual works, so unusual that they have the ability to literally take us from one universe to another. If you are passionate about art, you should definitely have seen the video of Galleria Continua Paris, an art and delicatessen gallery. In a 4 min long video, the famous JR takes us on a tour of what could be called a classy gallery where, in addition to admiring the masterpieces, we can indulge in a sweet French coffee and buy paintings of a certain beauty it must be said.

Always the covid...

Having become legal in 2009, 59 Rivoli is much more than just an art gallery. With no less than 30 artists on display, it is one of the many new attractions the city of Paris will be able to boast about.

We could continue to cite galleries that are worth the detour because they are so numerous. If today France is trying to rebuild its cultural identity and become one of the favorite destinations for tourists, it must be said that it was unfortunately cut off in its efforts by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Most of these galleries are now closed to contain the spread of the virus. But we are almost sure that when they open, they will be as popular as if nothing had happened. For the moment we can continue to admire the works of many artists thanks to social networks.